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An exquisite selection from Sven's Network Portfolio

Insights for Insiders

Valuable Trainings for Independent Network Marketers

Network Marketing is all about becoming a leader and creating new leadership through duplication of one's own personal growth. Its not about creating a bunch of followers.


True leaders strive to constantly learn and grow. For those who are committed to that, we have launched some fundametal topics in our "Network Marketing - Insights for Insiders" training series. 


"Become the courageous leader your people and your organization need you to be."

The PeopleBuilders System

Business- & People Building

A substancial Network Marketing Business can only be built by following a proven system. The pillars of a sophisticated system are:

                                                                     RECRUITING  -  SOCIALIZING  -  LEARNING


Over the past 20 years, we have developed and constantly refined our so-called PeopleBuilders System. Its key principle is to fully comprehend the relation between business growth and personal growth and deliver sophisticated support material for building both, business and people. Today, the PeopleBuilders System and its tools are used by industry leaders from different companies all over the world.

The Happiness Circle

Personal Development


One thing all people on this planet have in commen is that they want to be happy. No one likes to be unhappy, therefore everybody constantly strives towards more happiness. Right there, the following questions arise:


                                                "What makes people happy?"  &  "How do they get there?"


Over the past ten years, we have diligently worked on that subject. We created a system that shows people how to achieve more happiness in life and even measures happiness through the so-called Life Score.

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