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About Sven

“The man is a Master of Network Marketing, and yes, one of The Greatest Networkers in the World. He’s all about raising the bar in this business, leading with integrity and being authentic and real. His mission is nothing short of The Transformation of MLM.” 

- 2011, Best-Selling Author John Milton Fogg.

Dr. Sven Goebel looks back on more than 25 years of experience within the Network Marketing industry. He started his career as an independent business owner with NSA - today The JuicePLUS+ Company - back in February 1992.


In 1994, he graduated as a PhD in science from the Technical University in Darmstadt, where after he “transformed” right into a passionate, full-time Network Marketing Professional after having build his business for 18 months part-time.


Today, Sven is a recognized industry leader, public speaker, coach and consultant. He functions as a role-model for Network Marketers from all over the world across all generations. He spoke to audiences all over Europe, North- & South America, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Israel, India, Australia, the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia, some of them far exceeding 10.000 attendees.


As a result of his impressive career over the past two decades, he has been featured in numerous papers, magazines, radio- and TV shows. With his own chapter in a book for the second time in his career, Sven has recently been featured in The Greatest Networkers in the World by best-selling author John Milton Fogg. 


The Networker.


Over the past 24 years, Sven has successfully build huge organizations with 3 major Network Marketing companies:


In 1992, he started out with NSA International where he learned the fundamentals of the business from great coaches and mentors. 


From 1993 to 1998, he decided to built an organization with Quorum International, became one of the company's top income earners and served as a member on the company's Advisory Board. 


From 2001, Sven has further developed his career with Unicity International. He became one of only thirteen Chairman’s Club Members and for many years served as a member on the company's European Board of Advisors.


In 2013, after having built downlines of more than 250.000 people combined, Sven decided to change his career path towards a executive corporate role. Within his responsibility for Business Development Europe at The Juice PLUS+ Company, Sven contributed to a major turnaround. He helped the company to achieve massive growth all across Europe. Turnover did quadruple, mainly by focusing on the development of strong field leadership, in leveraging Social Media as well as implementing a profound understanding through developing a Blueprint on how Strategies, Processes, Systems, Movements & Culture interact.


In May 2017, Sven terminated his partnership with the JP+ company to pursue is own entrepreneurial path toward the subject which he is most passionate about: Happiness. Consequently, in October 2017, together with a befriended couple, Sven and his wife Audrey founded the new Swiss Network Marketing company Enhanzz, based on the mission to empower people and enhance happiness.


The Mentor & Visionary.


In 2004, Sven started to shift his focus towards people’s personal growth and created The Happiness Circle which allows people to determine their so-called Life Score. Constantly refined over the past years, the Happiness Circle offers a substantial system to measurably guide people toward more happiness and success.


Based on that knowledge, Sven felt empowered to also refine his fundamental and highly applicable business system for his network marketing business. He added multiple aspects of personal growth to the existing business system. The entire system was now called The PeopleBuilders System, which since then became even further refined. Over the past few years, it developed into the unique Blueprint, that expanded the strong fan base amongst Network Marketers across all continents.


In 2017, Sven was invited by the Minister of State for Happiness in the UAE, her Excellency Ohoud Al Roumi, to participate in the World Government Summit, together with other prominent leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as international thought leaders and pioneers. He participated in a high-level interdisciplinary network to advance the topic of happiness and wellbeing and to share his thinking with global leaders, working to bring prosperity to their nations.


The Human.


Sven’s purpose is to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. His favorite quote is:  “It’s Your Life – Don’t Compromise!”.  With his extensive experience, his tireless activities and his outstanding teaching paired with great wisdom, he aims to support, coach and lift many more people to accomplish the same.


Today, the former tennis player and cart-racing driver passionately practices martial arts, alpine skiing during the winter months and golf during the summer months. He is very much interested in contemporary architecture and design, and together with his family and business friends he loves to travel and meet people of different cultures from all over the world. 


Sven and his family live in Switzerland near beautiful Lake Lucerne.

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