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Insights for Insiders

From the desk of Dr. Sven Goebel:


"A little over 2 years ago, I started to write down my collected business insights in simple and comprehensive, generic articles. Networkers can use them as a 3rd party reference and easily share them with their team members. Each topic is an extract from the many trainings I have given to my teams around the world. Some of them are very basic and refer to the daily methods of operation. Some refer to PeopleBuilding and personal growth, therefore pretty sophisticated so that the will give you a lot to think about."


The following Insights are currently available both in English and German language:


  • Success Attraction

  • The Hot Button

  • Building for Events

  • Digging for Gold

  • Facebook Marketing for Network Marketers

  • Social Media 2.0

  • Information Age Networking

  • What's Your Contribution?

  • Outside the Comfort Zone

  • Develop your Inner Circle

  • The Elevator Pitch

  • Decision vs. Commitment

  • So what's your story?

  • The Death Spiral of a Leader

  • The Chief - Indian Principle

  • The Formula 1 Principle

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