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Career Change Announcement:

Respected Business Partners and Friends,


after 18 years in the field in Network Marketing, I have decided that I will undergo a career change. Therefore, I have resigned from my position as a field leader with my current Network Marketing company Unicity. Beforehand, I had informed the executive management about that matter via phone and email. 


To avoid any unnecessary rumors and speculations, I want to point out that the reasons to undergo this career change are primarily based on a personal decision I had diligently been pondering on for quite some time. 


From experience we know, rumors fly when top income earners leave their companies. In order to get in front of these rumors and to protect all business partners, I want to emphasize the following:


It is a true fact, that I will not be engaged in my previous business as a field leader anymore.  I'm resigning at a time when my business is producing great results. Also, there are no legal troubles. Candidly, my family and I are grateful that Unicity contributed to 12 exciting years in our lives. I'm currently working with Unicity on a smooth transition with the hopes of selling my distributor position.  While Unicity has already commented on this matter, I want to give a little more time for discussion before explaining the circumstances.     


To those of you who wonder what I am doing next, I can say so much: After a combined total of 18 years in the field, I will not work as an independend field distributor in Network Marketing anymore. If I had wanted that to continue, I could have remained where I was and with whom I was. I received a great corporate opportunity elsewhere that I wanted to explore. Again, it is primarily a career change, not a change of companies.


For now, I wish all of you all the best for your future. I appreciate all of you, those who I was blessed to go side-by-side with over the past many years and those who I met briefly but intensely during my exciting career. No matter what the future brings, true relationships will always remain.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Sven Goebel

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